“Eighties-era Randy Newman with an earnest James Taylor softness, but scuffed up just enough by a guy with plenty of miles on the road… songs that resound with uncomplicated authenticity… subtlety and storytelling with shuffling hints of jazz are what shine through." 
- Rolling Stone Country

“Up Ahead represents a fully focused effort.”
- NPR Music

"‘Wishes’ is a highlight of Travis Linville’s forthcoming full-length. The relatable tune, paced by steady percussion and accented by a crying pedal steel, focuses on those ever-escaping moments as folks weave in and out of our lives.”
- NPR Music

"Travis Linville writes, plays and sings music the way it's supposed to be done, with depth, heart and soul. One of my all-time favorite musicians."
-Hayes Carll

“With his latest release Up Ahead, Linville is looking to break out as one of Americana’s most promising songwriters and performers.”
- The Boot

"A masterclass in authentic songwriting and tasteful production"
- Wide Open Country

“Up Ahead showcases a bright and deserving future for this up-and-comer.”
- PopMatters

"Up Ahead is poised to become one of the 2017′s top Americana releases with its potent musicianship, resounding vocals and just mighty fine all around quality songs.  But most importantly, Linville delivers the “twang” with conviction and his songs reflect music of a simpler time while remaining relevant."
- Glide Magazine

"Up Ahead is a gentle and sophisticated set of songs with genuine listening pleasure."
- Norman Transcript

“Up Ahead is a comfortable next step for Travis Linville, as smooth as the Tulsa groove he uses for “Going Down Easy”, as boundless as the echoed chords framing ‘Worried Mind’, and as confident as the Country shuffle that finds him in ‘Bar Room’.”
- The Alternate Root

"Up Ahead could be the magic moment where [Travis Linville] finally gets the recognition due him as this is a fine, fine collection of ten songs as one could want or hope for. "
- Pop Dose

"Usually, as Travis Linville wraps up work on an album, he takes his new work straight to the bar crowd and worries about selling it later.  This time, however, the singer-songwriter, producer and longtime Oklahoma roots and folk music staple wanted to try out a new approach. Up Ahead, Linville’s newest album set to be released Feb. 3, was worthy of special care."
- Oklahoma Gazette

"Up Ahead is stacked with eight tracks that take you through a whirlwind of emotion."
- Free Press Houston

"Up Ahead has a nice organic sound that could easily stand up against anything released these days by major labels."
- babySue

"Rich with textures, Up Ahead is a soulful and authentic sensory journey of an everyman with a guitar."
- Independent Clauses

"Up Ahead is a stunner."

- Mother Church Pew